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Dental Technology

The technical side of dentistry. Dental technicians, on the prescription of a dentist, make any prosthesis or appliance in various materials such as acrylics, alloys, and ceramics for the patients’ mouths. In this category are allowed posts about the planning and the fabrication process of artificial teeth and appliances. Posts where the dental technology aspect is an important part of the case report.


What does the dental technician fabricate?

Dental Technicians (or Dental Technologists) are highly skilled members of a dental team. Combining art and science skills, dental technologists create custom-made dental devices. These devices aim to replace, restore and correct defects affecting our facial appearance and properly use of our teeth properly.
They fabricate:


  • complete dentures,
  • partial dentures,
  • crowns
  • bridges
  • implant-supported dentures
  • orthodontic appliances